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You know you saw it here before. Whether its how to stop a toothache, or the benefits of garlic, or how to clean your wood furniture. I've put older articles into this database of useful information to help you eat healthier, cook better and faster, get skinny, have a cleaner home, and stay motivated so you can have more time and energy to do the things you want to do!

Inside I share life survival skills that will help you make your life better. I hope you enjoy your visit. 


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Over the years, I've gone through my recipes and made them fast and easy. Most of the recipes are on the table in a half hour or less. About the time it would take to go pick something up. Now you can make delicious food that won't take hours to make, won't make you fat, will keep you healthy, and will leave you with tons of energy. Not to mention that you'll be the best cook on the block.

Once I got good at feeding us fresh real foods, my daughter stopped getting sick. As a side benefit – we've stayed thin. I was a size 10 when I got serious. I am now a size 2, and have been for years. My daughter went to live at her dad's for a while and put on a bunch of weight. She's been back home for less than a year and has lost most of the weight - without dieting. Try some of these delicious recipes for yourself!

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love these healthy foods

The Top Healthy Foods

You've heard them called Superfoods, functional foods, healing foods, nutrient dense- It all means that these foods pack a powerful punch! Find out what foods you could be eating for amazing health.

With over 100 listings, do you think you might find a few things you like? I know you'll find a few surprises...

Check out the A-Z Food Listings

healthy, fit, happy familiesAre you intimidated by healthy eating?

Everyone makes it seem so hard, don't they? Its not hard at all. Find tips, articles and videos to help you painlessly transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Eating 101 


  Vitamin & Nutrients Index

Learn about each nutrient your body needs, and what foods contain them. Its a cliff-notes version with just the information you need without having to read scientific journals!

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food mythsFood Myths

Eat this, don't eat that...Says who? Find the truth about many food myths that are ruining your health and your eating enjoyment.

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How are you doing on your healthy eating goals?


Finally Win the Weight Loss Battle

Can you imagine yourself in a brand new thin & healthy body?

What will your life be like?

Will you wear hot new clothes?

Will you have tons of energy?

Will you look and feel Great?

Lose weight fast and keep it off for life - 

to get fit - have fun Fitness for most of us

Who cares if you can run a marathon? That's not really important to most of us. What's important is whether you can run down the beach with your kids, right?

You don't have to spend hours at a gym to be fit. As a matter of fact, there are simple little things you can do everyday to improve your fitness and stamina that not many people talk about. Easy Fitness -

DoctorHealing Foods

Foods really can make you feel better. New research is finding a nutritional deficiency linked to almost every disease. Find out more here-

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Home is where we go to relax & recharge ... right? If your home isn't quite the relaxing refuge - here's some tips to help make it better without killing yourself or your budget! 

House & Home 

Get Motivated

Get Motivated!

Stop Procrastinating, improve your mood, and get more done -

Get Motivated >>>

invigorate Spa at Home

Now you can look and feel like you've been to the spa, without ever leaving home. Find the secrets to great looking skin and more...

Pamper yourself >>>


The Thin & Healthy Vow -

  • I will love and respect my body

  • I will not have foods or drinks that will harm my body, or hurt my family's health

  • I will not eat foods that taste like chemicals

  • I will not skip meals or snacks

  • I will eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day

  • I will try new recipes often to widen my food horizons & keep from getting bored

  • I will plan my eating ahead of time to keep from falling back into bad eating habits

  • I do not have to feel guilty if I occasionally splurge on something not so good for me

  • I know that I do not need to sacrifice, suffer, count calories, use fad diets or any other unnatural means to stay thin & healthy.

  • I will learn more about how to stay healthy by eating the right foods so that I can be thin, healthy, full of energy to enjoy life, and looking great for years to come.

    Enjoy looking and feeling better everyday! It gets better and better ;-)