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A mostly hereditary disease where one obessively holds on to things that have outgrown their useful life because, “I might have a use for that someday.”

The list of objects may include pieces of wood, tile, wire, or fabric. Other items include half bottles of soaps, cleaners, conditioners, lotions, and colognes that you don't like, but “I might need that one day.”

You may also find sun screen, bug spray, medications, and even food that is well beyond it's expiration date because ...OK, even if you need it someday – it might just kill you.

There might be really cool gadgets that you've used once and they've been taking up cabinet space ever since.

Or how about suits that went out of style 10 years ago. I know the story. You might get a good paying job and need them again someday. Well, if you get a good paying job, you'll need to buy something more fashionable, and you'll have the money to do it.

Look at it this way -

You may have a need for it someday – but probably not.

It's costing you money and stress to keep storing it.

Maybe someone else could be using it now. You're holding on to things that you'll probably never use that somebody else could be enjoying today. If it really could be useful to someone – donate it.

If it really is no long useful – throw it out!

I've been trained by the best pack-rats – depression era grandparents, and antique collectors. It really pains me to throw things out. But its even more painful living in a mess because you don't have room to put everything.

When you're down to those last things that you just can't part with – invest in some plastic bins and shelving to organize it. Or maybe a build it yourself cabinet.

Always be on the lookout for creative ways to store things. My grandfather's old wooden suitcase now holds DVDs. His footlocker was a toy-box. Now its a hope chest. I use a wicker laundry basket for catalogs and magazines. With a little creativity, you can find extra storage.


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