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Every day there are things that we just don't feel like doing-


  • making a real dinner

  • making a salad

  • making a lunch

  • taking your make-up off

  • working out

  • cleaning the house

  • washing the dishes

  • putting things away

The funny thing is, most of these things are fairly simple and would take only a few minutes, and they would improve the quality of your life immensely if only you would just GET IT OVER WITH.

The weight of carrying these simple things around on your shoulders all of the time is extremely tiring.

The feeling of satisfaction when you get something done is so uplifting, it actually makes you want to accomplish more.

You may not feel like doing it – but do it anyway.

When you're faced with something you don't feel like doing, ask yourself, “Do I want to live with the consequences of not doing this?

Take care of things while they're still molehills. Don't put it off until it becomes a mountain.

Our motivational battle cry for today _


Apply this in your life whenever you have a little thing that you're tempted to put off and see how much better your life becomes as a result.


Learn how to do what you need to do when you need to do it

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