One thing will stop you every time (if you let it.)

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There's one thing between you and your desires

Forget about all the new age crap we're all being force fed. There is one thing between where you are, and what you desire – and its deceptively simple.

Out of all the new age excuses-

  • the universe isn't in alignment
  • you thought a negative thought
  • you haven't meditated on it long enough and with love and emotion

Yeah, yeah, yeah....

There's one thing that will stop you cold every time if you let it -

I don't feel like it.”

My plan for Memorial day weekend was to work on the family room downstairs. After fighting water for years, I just sort of ignored it. Now, we need to incorporate my daughter's things into the house, and the room really needs to be a clean, comfortable area to hand out.

Now I hadn't been feeling good. Last Wed. night, the wind coming in the bedroom window turned cold. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning – freezing, and with a sore throat.

Add to that it was 90+ degrees all weekend.

I thought to myself – I really don't feel like doing this.

Then I thought about how many times I've heard this from others -

  • I don't feel like making dinner
  • I don't feel like eating salad every day
  • I don't feel like cutting up vegetables
  • I don't feel like cleaning the house

Its a continuing spiral if you don't stop it. You want to be thin and healthy, but you don't feel like cooking. After working all day and eating garbage foods, you don't feel like exercising, cleaning house, or anything else.

Many people work a less than fun job, and make crummy money to boot. After you come home beat to shit, you don't feel like looking for ways to improve things – so the cycle continues.

Be honest here – how many times do you say, “I don't feel like it?”

I love this one - “That's fine for you, but when I get home I'm too tired. I don't feel like doing anything.”

You think I do? You think I feel like making a salad, walking the dog, cleaning the house... Do you really think I'm any different from you? The only real difference is that I do it anyway.

We all want to be thin and healthy, slow down aging, have a clean, comfortable home, and have the time and energy to enjoy life. And you can – but -

Nothing is going to change until you get over the “I don't feel like it” and do it anyway.

Starting tonight, when that little voice starts to pipe up to say, “I don't feel like it” respond by answering back - “tough, I'm doing it anyway.”


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