The World Needs SuperWomen

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Well, we survived the end of the world. Now they tell us, "Its a new age."

I say its time for women to step back up to the plate.

Do you remember when we were proud to be women? When our attitude was - bring it on! I Am Woman! We could do anything -

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What happened to those women?

They were told that was degrading. That we shouldn't have to do all of that. That it is your right to serve up instant dinners and settle in for a night of watching CSI.

Look around you when you're out. What do you see?

Overweight women with no make up, wearing slouchy clothes, complaining.

What happened to women's pride?

We used to get respect. Maybe because we used to respect ourselves. We really tried to do our best for our families, and ourselves. Now we don't because someone told us we shouldn't have to.

We do have to.

Look at what has happened to the world. We have to step back up to the plate. Women were the strength. Women kept everything together - at home and on the job. Women raised successful kids who went on to benefit society. Women planned healthy diets so their families would not suffer avoidable disease.Women changed the world, one family at a time - by taking charge of their world.

Oh, people will tell you that its hard work. Yes it is. But the rewards are a lot better than you'll get from the life you're living now.

I think its time that we take back our esteemed positions - to be the strong leaders that we once were.

And I'm sorry ladies, but we need to look the part too. How much respect are we going to get if we look like we literally rolled out of bed and hopped in the car?

At this point, you may feel insulted and inclined to click away.

Listen. For some reason, we expected that men would pick up half the child rearing and housework. It didn't happen. Its not going to happen.

And to make matters worse, now that the wife is working - men seem to feel that they can do even less to provide for the family.

Everything is a mess. And it will take a new breed of Super Woman to fix it.

I know, you feel like you can't possibly do it all. You can. Women before us did. Are we weaker than them? I don't think so!

Are you willing to take up the challenge?

Are you ready to bring home the chicken (its healthier than bacon), saute' it up in the pan, and never let him forget he's the man (who is supposed to be doing everything he can to take care of his beautiful sexy wife and adoring family.)

The world desperately needs SuperWomen.

You've got to take back control.

Its not going to be as hard as you think.

I'm working on the Live Life by Design Course - and you can be a beta tester.

We will be working on mind, body, and spirit to help you live a balanced lifestyle and take control of your life.

By being a beta tester, you can help form the course. Tell me how you think the course, or the member database could work better for you. We're all in this together. That's why its a club.

If you want to be a part of this movement - simply click on Join the Club over to the right. Once you hit the submit button, an email will be sent for you to activate your account. Once you can login, click of the Life by Design button in the top menu and start with the first installment.

The first installment will reveal the difference that living your life by design makes.

The second installment will have you reawaken your dreams. We used to have things that we wanted out of life. We had a purpose for living that kept us motivated and inspired.

The third installment will be the first steps in healthier eating.

Like I said, the course will deal with mind, body, and spirit.We will work on mindset, organizing, losing weight, getting healthy, motivation, goals, self esteem, and so much more.

The course will be designed so that you can make little changes, one at a time - so you're not overwhelmed. You'll have to let me know how often the installments should come out. You'll have to keep me posted on what you can handle. I know from Whole Life Overhaul that daily is too much for most people. 

And we still have the database with information, articles, and recipes to help you anytime you need it. I'm still working on navigation issues, so please bear with me on that. Hopefully I can figure out how to get the new menu working in the next couple days. A tech wiz, I am not!

There will be membership fees in the future. There are expenses that need to be covered. But for now, its free for beta testers.

Are you in?

Let change the world!





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