The worst kind of love

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Can you IMAGINE what it would be like to have a life partner that you don't truly love?

Someone that annoys you, is always letting you down and screwing things up. Someone who turns relationships into disasters and drives away all your friends. They are always berating you and belittling you, nagging you and it just goes on and on….

How happy would you be spending your life with someone like that?

How could you ever explore your true potential in that kind of situation?

Do you think it could be possible to attract real happiness and love into your life whilst living in this relationship?


Okay then, let’s picture the “OPPOSITE”…

Your “perfect” partner.

They might have the qualities like:

Patience, tolerance, supportive, encouraging, forgiving …fun and exciting, loving, understanding of your needs…stands up for you, and respects you.

With this kind of person by your side - you would be free to achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to!

Right? Well…


That first relationship I described is the kind of relationship *most* of us have with OURSELVES!

Yes, that’s right.

We are our own worst saboteurs and critics.


If this “ugly” relationship is the kind of relationship you’re having with yourself… then there is NO chance you will ever achieve your full and complete potential in life…

Let alone find real Love and Happiness – outside yourself.

You need to develop that “second” awesome relationship with yourself! And you need to do it Right Now so that you can be happy in your ‘other’ relationships…

I've made a short video for you to have a look at.

Here it is. No charge :-)

It's really easy - you just use that special link and the video
will start playing right on your computer.

While you watch, keep these two things in mind:

* If you disrespect yourself, then you WILL attract disrespect into your life, and

* If you can be patient, tolerant and encouraging with yourself, then it’s going to make achieving your goals a lot EASIER (and much more enjoyable!)

Check it out here.


Noel Jones

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