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Some of you love the hypnosis programs. I'm sorry I haven't updated the new releases in a while. Here they are - 

September 2013

Night Worry
Kids Nightmares
Be Less Uptight
Fear of Judgement
Ashamed to be Rich

August 2013

Painkiller Addiction
Embrace Your Sexuality
Growing Old Alone
Be Friendly Kids
Dealing with a Bad Boss

July 2013

Travel Stress
Size of your Penis
Debating Confidence
Don't Confront
Creepy Crawlies

June 2013

Confident Delegating
Kids Worries
Night Panic Attacks
Recover After Burglary
Emotional Job Stress

May 2013

Slot Machine Addiction
Prepare For Caesarean
Kids - Confident Learning
Passive Aggressive
Improve Your Chess

April 2013

Special Needs Child
Stop Expecting Permission
Don't Speak Before Thinking
Grass Not Greener
Try Again

March 2013

Live Your Way
Worried for Ages?
More Humility
Respect Your Loved Ones
Husband is a Drunk

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