Summer is the most fun season to lose weight

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Summer is the easiest time to lose weight. The food is fresh and nutritious. There are tons of things to do that will get you off the couch and getting some exercise while having fun.

The cool thing about summer food is that most of it really doesn't require cooking. The grill makes it easy to make wonderful food without heating up the kitchen – and making few dishes. Most nights we keep it simple – grill a piece of chicken, fish, or steak, and make a big salad. The fresh vegetables are soooo good!

Friday night, my daughter will be out. I think I'm going to make a salad with lettuce, broccoli, onion, leftover shredded chicken, hard boiled egg, and shredded cheese.

Look around the members area. You can find some great cool easy dinners to enjoy this week. And If that's not enough – you can head inside the site and find more recipes for the grill, and great salads.]

Its been even too hot to enjoy swimming. It looks like the weather may be better this weekend. And there's all the fairs and festivals where you can walk your butt off. Get some exercise and have some fun. At night its been bearable outside, so you can take in outdoor concerts that will be in abundance over the next few weeks.

Exercise doesn't have to be hours sweating in a gym. It can be fun.

Still too hot for you? The mall and museums are cool.

My daughter has lost the love handles that were hanging over the sides of her pants. She is looking forward to the belly shrinking some more – but she's not stressing about it. When you do the right things, you don't have to suffer. The weight will come off naturally. Even the dog has lost his excess weight.

Get out and have some fun. Its the best exercise! And take full advantage of all the great fresh foods you can get this time of year.

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