Stress Eating

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Eating because you’re stressed is natural for a lot of people. Carbs, sugar, and chocolate all have mood enhancing qualities. But in today’s stressful world, you can’t eat enough to make you feel good long enough. The good news is, exercise also releases feel good chemicals that help reduce stress.

When you’re stressed, your body produces cortisol – the fight or flight chemical. This was useful when our ancestors had to run away from wild animals. But now, we get stressed, but we don’t run off the cortisol – so it builds up as fat. You still need to find a way to run it off.

Diet and exercise are essential for maintaining weight. Either one - without the other just won’t work. You have to have both. They are finding that the combination of protein and exercise forces your body to burn fat. Protein helps you maintain muscle and keeps your metabolism higher. Weight training just twice a week will help build muscle, and you’ll love how you look.  

The more muscles you have, the faster you’ll burn fat. This is why men lose weight faster than women. They have more muscle

Another article I read recently said that taking a 2000 mg. Supplement of fish oil, and 45 minutes of walking helps to burn fat quickly. The article said that the fatty acids become flammable during exercise.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a sentence to boredom either. We’ll cover exercise in a later chapter. Oh, I’ve also read that if you keep fish oil capsules in the freezer, you won’t get fish breath or fish burps. I take the coated kind and don't have those problems.

Make sure you spread your calorie intake out during the entire day. Many people make the mistake of eating little or no breakfast or lunch, and then eating the bulk of their calories at night. Your body needs a constant supply of fuel throughout the day, and you want it to be able to burn that food off. Your body can’t effectively do that if you are eating all of your calories at one time, especially at night when you’re not going to be doing much to burn it off. Eat smaller portions 5-6 times a day.

It’s especially important to eat breakfast. Just like your car, your fuel tank is empty. You can’t expect to run very long without fuel. If you’re sputtering and stalling out before lunch, you need a better breakfast.

Keeping your body fueled throughout the day will help you stay calmer during times of stress, and with more energy stored up - you'll be more likely to take a walk instead of reaching for that bag of cookies!




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