The Real Reason You Can't Lose Weight

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 People always say they want to lose weight, but when there's that bag of chips, or that bowl of candy, or the fast food lane on the way home from working late – they just can't seem to resist. I've had people tell me -

 -I hate when he calls me his 'big' sister.”

My arms flap in the breeze.”

I hate shopping in the 'big girl' store.”

The WHY is not big enough.

All these kinds of comments are just not moving enough. They're all sort of, it would be nice, but... They're not strong enough to create commitment.

Here are examples of a Bigger WHY -

If the doctor told you that you'll be dead in 5 years if you don't change, wouldn't that be a little stronger incentive?

Or how about the guy who says, “I want to be alive to see my daughter get married.”

Or the lady who says, “I want to be alive to meet my grandchildren.”

How would you feel if your kids came home in tears because other kids were making fun of their mother? Would that rip your heart out?

How will you feel when you realize that your children are following you down the same path? That they probably will have the same health and weight problems that you do?

How will you feel when you can't walk well enough to spend a day with your grandkids?

Have you ever sat in a fitting room in tears because nothing will look good on you?

Have you ever walked up stairs and had to stop and hold your chest, afraid that you're going to drop dead from a heart attack right there?

What's your Big Why?

What's the one thing that matters so much that you'll do whatever it takes?

Find your big why, and you'll be halfway there.

By the way – a big why is necessary to reach any goal. You won't accomplish much with a half-hearted commitment. Apply the 'big why' strategy to any goal you want to achieve.

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