Think like a thin person

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'Naturally thin' people drive you crazy, don't they? It's just not fair!

Thin people stay thin because without thinking, when they gain a few pounds, a red flag goes up and they cut back until their weight returns to normal. Its an automatic response. In a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in June 2004, they found that thin teens naturally cut back on their calorie intake for a period after eating fast foods, where their heavier peers continued to eat at the same level.

Start by listening to your body.

I’ve tried hard to teach my daughter to listen to her body and give it what it needs. Things like if you feel a cold coming on, eat more foods with Vitamin C. And you always hope the lessons stick. Now that she’s a teen, she’s more conscious about weight, but in a healthy way. She told me the other day – “it’s funny, if I eat a lot one day, I’m just not that hungry the next day.”

Just the other night, we went out for dinner with my sister. We ate really unhealthy amounts. She devoured an 8 oz. filet mignon. I ate a 14 oz. prime rib. My sister had a 12 oz. steak. We had all the trimmings, except no one wanted the bread. Emma opted for vegetables instead of potato and took her dessert home. I taught her well! I was impressed.

The next night for dinner, Emma and I ate chicken, green beans, green onions, and cantaloupe. Lots of nutrients, not bulk. It wasn’t a case of – oh, we overate and now we have to diet. That was all we needed or wanted. Our bodies naturally balance, if we only listen.

Researchers also believe that we are born with a natural internal calorie gauge. They are trying to figure out just what it is that makes people lose the natural ability to maintain their calorie intake at a normal level.

Maybe it could be all of the sugar spikes from all of the corn syrup?

Maybe it could be all the chemicals that we weren’t meant to ingest?

Maybe it’s the constant overeating?

C’mon guys - It’s not rocket science. It’s just bad habits. Just open up your copy of the quick start guide and start turning it around right now.

Thin people are usually more active than the average person. They walk more, take the stairs, park further, coach soccer or little league, keep the house clean, and have a garden, ……..they are always moving. Always doing something. It’s not workouts in the usual sense, just plain old lifestyle movements that add up quickly. Find more opportunities to get moving a little more.

Thin people don’t live to eat, they eat to live. They eat foods that give them energy and take away the hungry feeling so they can go do something. Sometimes they’re so involved in something - they forget to eat. They eat when they’re hungry.

If you put something in front of a thin person that doesn’t taste all that good, a thin person most likely won’t eat much of it. It’s really hard, if not impossible, to get a thin person to eat something they don’t want. (On the other hand, put something really yummy in front of them and they’ll make it disappear right before your eyes.)

Thin people usually don’t eat because they’re bored. If they’re bored, they find something to do, and it’s usually active - work, housecleaning, working out, or a favorite sport or hobby.

Thin people actually eat less when they’re depressed. They get to work on solving the problem. It’s not uncommon for them to forget about eating. Food doesn’t enter their mind until they are sooo hungry they have to stop and eat.

Don’t get me wrong. They don’t forget to eat often. Only when they’re totally focused on something. For the most part, they’ll eat a lot more than you do.

Take the time to think like a thin person and see how your body changes. It may not be the fastest way to lose weight, but it will last a lifetime. Being thin is just a different lifestyle. It’s a different way of thinking.

But here is one secret that will change your life forever. To be thin, you must consciously eat. You must be aware of what you are eating, how it tastes, how the texture feels, everything about it. Thin people don’t usually mindlessly eat. That’s when you get into trouble, when you just mindlessly pop food in your mouth while you’re doing something else, like watching TV. You will just keep popping it in your mouth – totally unaware that you’re taking in calories by the truckload.

Don’t allow food in front of the TV, or in your bedroom where mindless eating can take over.

When you’re thinking about what to eat, think about foods that will give you energy, or make you feel better. You can eat to ward off a cold, stop PMS, fight infection and much more. You’ll learn more about that later. Just make it a point to think about what you’re eating.

You know that if you stop off at the drive-thru on the way home – you’re going to feel sluggish and tired all night. Talk yourself out of it. You’ll feel much more content after a healthy dinner. Believe me, I have that conversation with myself at least once a week.

That’s not to say that you’ll never again eat hog dogs and macaroni and cheese, or eat fast food, or overeat. You will. Heck, on Thanksgiving, I probably eat enough for 3 people. I definitely eat more than my share of a pizza. But when you’re overall diet is healthy, those times won’t matter. Won’t that be nice?

What it boils down to is – it’s just a different way of thinking and living.

I live lakefront. I was thinking about the group that lives on this street. There are very few overweight people. Most people are out playing on the lake, or working on the yard, or building a deck, or having barbeques. A couple of us are gardening freaks. It’s a pretty active group.

Last summer at one of the potluck dinners, 3 people brought broccoli salad. Isn’t that weird? (Yeah, one was me.) They were all different, and they were all good.

I can’t say it enough – it’s all about the lifestyle you choose to live.


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